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7 Years of Chocolate

Chocolats Caractère is a chocolates company in Northern Rwanda with fine recipes from Belgium.

We create chocolates in all shapes and different tastes on a 100% sustainable way - no chemicals needed!
Apart from that, we have a team specialised in packaging. We make custom packaging for our chocolates but also pizza cartons for restaurants and so much more. 

Whatever you can imagine, we can do.

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Quality is our Priority

We care about Quality

At Chocolats Caractère we believe high-quality chocolate can only be made with high-quality ingredients. 
We apply this philosophy to every ingredient in our recipes; from selecting cocoa beans from only the most renowned cocoa-growing regions, to travelling the world to source the finest ingredients to create our chocolate masterpieces. Why? Because at Chocolats Caractère we care about producing perfection from bean to bar – pouring pride and passion into every step of the process.

Box of Heart Pralines
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Our Quality is Genius

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How we stand apart?

We provide best quality chocolates in the Land of a thousand Hills - Rwanda. We are working with some of the best hotels and companies in the country. Our chocolate journey is just about to start!

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Exceptional chocolate treats! We were gifted a small Christmas set by our hotel that contained milk, white, and dark chocolate Christmas shaped characters. The flavour was so nice and the texture was very smooth. Highly recommend if you are in Kigali!

Katy Burk-Cheema
Proudly Creative

Individual Gift Packages

We have suitable and high-quality chocolate gift for every occasion. Let us inspire you with our gift ideas. We are able to design the chocolates packaging specifically according to your wishes (with your logo, your design, your personalised message and so much more)

You will find a match for every occasion. Explore.